The Mary Kay Husband’s Job Description: As if paying the Mary Kay credit card debt wasn’t enough…

Mary Kay Husband Cartoon

There’s been a lot written on these pages (and elsewhere) about how the predatory tactics used by Mary Kay Cosmetics’s sales force can destroy not only families’ finances but the relationships its victims have with their spouses through back-door undermining, as well as other insidious tactics like the Husband Unawareness Plan.

Yet, even though many Mary Kay husbands inevitably pay the financial price (either knowingly or unknowingly) for their Mary Kay Cosmetics, there are many other ways that Mary Kay creeps into the spousal relationship between husband and wife.

Often, it starts with the small “honey-do’s.” However, those “honey do’s” often evolve into an entirely whole new set of “job duties,” all courtesy of Mary Kay’s predators.

Here are just a couple examples of what is known as the Mary Kay Husband’s Job Decription.


If that one wasn’t enough, there’s always this Mary Kay Husband’s Job Description:

Mary Kay Husband Job Description by MaryKayVictims


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