A Self-Test To Determine Whether Mary Kay Is Harming You Or Others

Proverbs 10-9

If you are currently in Mary Kay, can you answer these questions honestly?

  1. Have you ever told a lie (even a white lie) in order to convince someone to a) order product, b) become a consultant?
  2. Have you ever told a “lie of omission” to a potential recruit, minimizing the time and money it takes to be a consultant?
  3. Do you fear or have anxiety about disappointing your Director or National Sales Director?
  4. Do you feel pressured to order inventory that you do not need so you don’t “disappoint” your Director or National Sales Director?
  5. Have you ever had your upline (Director or National Sales Director) compare purchasing inventory on a credit card to investing in a retail-type store?
  6. Are you currently in debt due to ordering inventory?
  7. Do you find yourself hiding money problems and/or your Mary Kay debt from your spouse or significant other?
  8. Have you ever been told that if your spouse–or other loved ones–do not support your Mary Kay efforts or question your expenditures, they are “negative influences.”
  9. Do you find yourself inflating (lying) about your “success” with Mary Kay with friends and loved ones?
  10. Do you find yourself trying to convince yourself that your “success” will come if you a) sacrifice more time, b) invest more money (by going deeper into debt), or c) both?
  11. Do you assign guilt to yourself for not meeting production goals while thinking all of your peers in Mary Kay are successful?
  12. Do you find yourself sacrificing time with your family in order to build your Mary Kay “business?”
  13. Do you feel pressured to attend Mary Kay events, even if it means missing a special event in your child’s life?
  14. Do you find yourself spending money on babysitters just so you can attend Mary Kay events?
  15. Have you ever had your upline (Director or National Sales Director) use your personal information in conversations with you in order to convince you to take actions in a certain way (e.g., recruit more consultants, invest in more inventory, etc.).
  16. Have you ever observed how a person’s “I-Story” is used to recruit more people into Mary Kay

If you answered “yes” to more than one of these, it is time for you to become honest with yourself and others.

Instead of “enriching women’s lives,” Mary Kay may be harming you and others close to you.


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