This Mary Kay Target Saw Through The Fog Quickly: “I just can’t believe I fell for it!”

First Name: Emily

State: Arkansas

My mom, while at an expo for local businesses signed me up for a drawing to “win” a free facial.

I, along with three others, of course, won and were invited to a Mary Kay party.

The girls were extremely nice and told me I had “what it took” to be a MK consultant, and I would receive free samples if I talked to their sales director (no pressure). So I said alright and the sales director called me.


She went on and on and for an hour and a half about “why not give yourself a chance?” and all this B.S. I remained unconvinced and told her as such.

She then stated that MK would buy back anything I couldn’t sell for 90% of what I paid. I said alright and purchased a starter kit for “only” $100 (plus an additional $20 for shipping).

The next day the sales director calls me back and tells me how happy she is that I’ve decided to join MK. I tell her I am as well, and she asks what my “sales goals” are.

I tell her my first step is to make back the $120 I just spent on the starter kit.

Oh no, she says, you need to invest in inventory.


She wanted me to spend an additional $725 to “stock up” on inventory when I hadn’t even made a dime yet! She was very pushy and kept calling me.

It made very little business-sense to me to buy products for customers I don’t have, and upon investigation, reading this website and, everything clicked into place.

I just can’t believe I fell for it!

I eventually blocked her and the other consultants’ numbers and on FaceBook.

Now I’m stuck with an unopened starter kit as the MK company gives me the run-around on how to return it and get my money back.

I can’t believe a company like this is allowed to operate.

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