Poverty Level: Here’s a breakdown of the not-so-big bucks earned within Mary Kay’s pink pyramid

Mary Kay Cosmetic’s Canadian sales force earnings reveal just how elusive the “big bucks” are for nearly everyone within the Pink Pyramid.

As has been done in prior years, it is always enlighening to show just how pathetic the actual earnings numbers are for the vast majority of Mary Kay’s sales force. That is, just how many of Mary Kay’s independent sales consultants do not make the so-called “big bucks.”

However, since Mary Kay Cosmetics has no legal obligation to reveal just how poorly the earnings are for 98% of its consultants in the United States (and it certainly would not serve the company’s interests to be above board with this data), we must turn to Canada—which has more stringent laws for multi-level marketing companies—to find out just how pathetic the earnings are for the vast majority of Mary Kay independent sales force.

According to the most recent information made available on Mary Kay Canada’s website, it appears that the vast majority of Mary Kay consultants’ earning are, as in years past, still pretty pathetic.

Here are the highlights of 2015’s earnings:

  • Out of 34,600 Mary Kaybots in Canada in 2015, only 11 make an “executive income” of $100k per year or more.
  • Only 1,941 of the 34,600 consultants made commissions in excess of $100.
  • Only 253 of the Mary Kay Sales Directors in Canada made over $19,011 in commissions. However, what is not known is how much credit card debt (e.g., front loaded inventory) those directors are carrying.

In 2015, there were over 34,600 members of the independent sales force of Mary Kay Cosmetics Ltd. in Canada. Of the 4,103 who were in the independent sales force for at least one year and who earned commissions, 47.3% earned commissions in excess of $100. Of the 507 of those who were Mary Kay Independent Sales Directors, the top 50% earned commissions during the year of $19,011 to in excess of $100,000. Of the 18 of those who were Mary Kay Independent National Sales Directors, 61.1% earned commissions during the year in excess of $100,000.

Perhaps if Mary Kay published the earnings of consultants in the United States, more women and their families would not fall victim to the company’s predatory sales tactics.

Of course, that wouldn’t serve the company well at all…


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