No Pressure? A Mary Kay Senior Director Shares Her Tactics On Warm Chatting & Telemarketing

Women who are lured into the pink world of Mary Kay Cosmetics are often told “the products sell themselves.” That’s not necessarily true.

Mary Kay Cosmetics relies on a myriad of high-pressure sales tactics to book their parties, peddle their products, and lure women into their pink pyramid.

In the video below, Mary Kay Senior Sales Director Mary Gronholz shares her “warm chatting” techniques–that is, the predator-like act of approaching perfect strangers and feigning interest in them, all for the purpose of selling them on Mary Kay.

Warm Chatter 101

Telemarketing Techniques 101

Just as there are “warm chatter” scripts used to approach strangers on the street, in the mall or coffee shop, there are also telemarketing scripts for Mary Kay consultants to call people they know–as well as ones they don’t know.

Here, again, Mary Kay Senior Sales Director Mary Gronholz shares her tactics at telemarketing

Here are multiple telemarketing scripts courtesy of Cathy Koning.

[You may note that there is not much difference between these scripts and those of any other telemarketing-type script.]

Mary Kay Telephone Scripts – Cathy Koning by MaryKayVictims

While Mary Kay Cosmetics would have one believe that their products just sell themselves, they do not.

In order to sell Mary Kay, women have to deploy all sorts of manipulative tactics to peddle their lipstick and other pink wares.

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