Don’t Be A Useful Idiot: Top Facts Husbands Need To Know About Mary Kay Cosmetics

ManWithDunceCap1All too often, with Mary Kay Cosmetics’ predatory sales force constantly looking to lure women into their multi-level-marketing empire, husbands are blindsided when their wives are recruited into the Pink Fog.

This is by design. Many within Mary Kay’s predatory sales force use tactics that are designed to exclude husbands from the decision-making process.

To get women to buy Mary Kay products, there is the widespread use of Husband Unawareness Plan, which encourages wives to hide Mary Kay purchases from their spouses.

Moreover, in order to lure women into joining Mary Kay’s predatory sales force, Mary Kay’s recruiters are often trained on how to overcome objections and encourage women to sign their Mary Kay sales agreements without consulting their spouses first.

Question: What do you think your husband will say? Great…why don’t we go ahead and fill out your agreement and if for some reason he has any questions, I will be more than happy to answer them, and then if he still says no, then we can tear up your agreement and you can remain a great hostess. [Emphasis added.]

As a husband of a Mary Kay target, here are some other things you need to know so that you don’t become another ‘useful idiot’ to Mary Kay Cosmetics:

  1. Mary Kay Cosmetics is a multi-level-marketing company, period. The term “dual marketing” is a term Mary Kay invented to avoid the negative connotation often associated with multi-level-marketing schemes. Don’t be an idiot and let your spouse’s recruiter blow pink smoke up your arse. “Dual marketing” is multi-level-marketing and, according to expert testimony given to the Federal Trade Commission, 99% of participants lose money in MLMs.
  2. Mary Kay does not track sales to the cosmetics customer. As an MLM, Mary Kay Cosmetics does not track sales to the end users of its products. The $3 billion in revenues that Mary Kay claims (only 30% come from U.S. sales), the sales revenue it reports is the sales that come from the wholesale sales to its consultants–not the end user. In other words, to Mary Kay Cosmetics, its customers are its consultants.
  3. Mary Kay encourages debt. While Mary Kay claims that women can start their “businesses” with a mere $100, the reality is Mary Kay’s predatory sales force encourages women to go into debt with loans or credit cards in order to buy large amounts of inventory to start their “store.” In most states, one spouse’s debt is borne by both spouses. So, if Mary Kay’s predatory sales force succeeds in getting your spouse to go into debt, they’ve succeeded in putting you into debt. Don’t be a useful idiot.
  4. Mary Kay Cosmetics sells women an elusive “dream.” It’s taught by those at the top within the Mary Kay pyramid. For many, the top “dream” is to become a Mary Kay National Sales Director–an elusive feat that is statistically worse than winning at the roulette table at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. However, for further proof, one need only to look at Mary Kay Cosmetics own earning representations (in Canada, where it is required to disclose this information) to see how elusive that dream is.
  5. Mary Kay predators target women everywhere (literally). Whether it’s in churches, at work, at the local Starbucks, at the beauty salon, at the grocery store, at the doctor’s office, at school or even at day care centers, no woman (or her family) is truly safe from Mary Kay predators. [Here’s a list for you to see just some of the places Mary Kay predators target women.]

Unless you want to be another useful idiot for Mary Kay Cosmetics, as a husband, you need to insulate your family (and especially your spouse) by educating them on the tactics that will be used on her.

In addition here are a few more things you should know (from the post Being a Mary Kay Consultant: 3 Things You Need to Know):

  1. You will be encouraged to purchase inventory.

    Here’s an excerpt:

    Although women are told that the Starter Kit is the ONLY thing they need to purchase in order to become a Mary Kay consultant, watch out. Most women find that after they sign their agreement and get their Starter Kit, they are soon required to make a “decision” about Inventory.

    Inventory means lots and lots of Mary Kay products to have on your shelves at home. The logic presented to prospective Mary Kay ladies is that with lots of inventory on their shelves, they are able to fill orders quickly and thus make their customers very happy.

    It’s not uncommon for women to be convinced into buying anywhere from $1800.00 to $3600.00 worth of inventory in their first few days or weeks as a Consultant, before they have even sold a thing nor have started building a customer base.

  2. The only way you move up in Mary Kay is by recruiting others into the company.

    Here’s an excerpt:

    In order to be a Mary Kay Sales Director, you have to build your “team” (the women you recruit into the business) to 30 members AND your team has to have a minimum amount of inventory ordered from the company in a certain amount of time. Moving up in Mary Kay is based on your wholesale orders of product from the company. It has nothing to do with your actual sales to customers.

  3. Those Pink Cadillacs aren’t free.

    Here’s an excerpt:

    The amount you pay in lease payment to Mary Kay Corp. each month depends on…you guessed it…how much Mary Kay products your team has ordered from the company that month. If your team orders enough, you don’t have a lease payment that month. But if you fall short, you will have to make a lease payment to the company, and that payment is on a graduated scale based on the amount of product your team ordered.

Mary Kay’s predators have an arsenal of ammunition they use to manipulate, target and lure women into their pink fog.

Unless you are aware of the tactics, as well as how to combat them, you will become another useful idiot to Mary Kay Cosmetics and its predatory tactics.

Spare yourself the grief. Don’t be another useful idiot for Mary Kay Cosmetics and its predatory sales force.


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