Shameful: Mary Kay Pushers Hunt For Victims To Warm Chat Anywhere–Even At Hospitals!

When is comes to finding new victims, it seems there are no lengths Mary Kay predators won’t go to in order to lure new targets into their pink trap.

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Should either you or someone you love be unfortunate enough to be a patient in a hospital, the hospital is probably the last place on earth you’d think a pushy multi-level-marketer would be allowed to peddle her products or company, right?

Worse yet, having the hospital staff that is caring for you or your loved one distracted by the multi-level-marketer probably isn’t something you (or your insurance carrier) would want either.

The fact is, most people would find a pushy salesperson trying to peddle her products in a patient-care area distasteful and disgusting–even shameful.

However, that’s not the case with these pushy Mary Kay predators.

Although the topic of “Warm Chatting” (the practice of striking up conversations with strangers to sell them on Mary Kay) has been covered previously, here is an example of one pink predator asking her Mary Kay cronies for advice on how to Warm Chat in the Intensive Care Unit at a hospital.

While the idea itself is disgusting enough, what’s more reprehensible is that her “sistah’s,” rather than condemning the idea, readily give her ideas on how to lure the hospital staff.

MK Facebook Post

Unfortunately, this isn’t an isolated case.

According to a husband’s internet post, one Mary Kay predator even obtained his wife’s name and telephone number on a form that was filled out for a medical appointment:

This woman worked in the family practice clinic in the hospital and when we took my son into an appointment the week before this lady had asked us to confirm some of our personal information (like phone #) so she could make sure the system was up to date. She then took that as we willingly gave her our phone number and she could get away with the hard sell of this Mary Kay party.


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