Preying On The Sick: A Mary Kay Predator Gives A Lesson On How To Warm Chat Cancer Patients

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How would you feel if you went to visit a very sick or dying family member in the hospital, only to find a salesperson trying to pitch your family member (or her nurses) on some over-hyped product?

The thought of sales people doing that would probably annoy, anger or sicken most people.

Well, if you’re one of those people, the word sick doesn’t even begin to describe this tactic…

As a multi-level-marketing company, Mary Kay Cosmetics survives and thrives not by the retail sales of its product, but by its sales force constantly recruiting new consultants who then place large inventory orders at wholesale.

As the turnover within multi-level-marketing companies like Mary Kay Cosmetics is similar to the fast-food industry, Mary Kay’s sales force is constantly focused on identifying potential recruits and getting information from them in order to bring them into the Pink Pyramid.

Often, the way they do it is by a tactic known as “warm chatting,” which is the tactic of walking up to perfect strangers, giving a phony compliment in order to either provide a business card, or to get her personal contact information.

There are dozens (if not hundreds) of “warm chatter” recommendations, ideas and scripts floating around the pink-fogged world of Mary Kay, where women learn the places and the ways to hunt for new customers and recruits.

However, none of them compare to this one that has been shared to untold numbers of Mary Kay consultants through the internet:

After advising her fellow Mary Kaybots on the various locations she “warm chats” strangers—places like coffee shops, the deli counter at her grocery store, clothing stores, community groups and even other multi-level-marketing companies’ consultants—this Mary Kaybot shares that she likes to warm chat in the cancer ward of hospitals:

8. Hospital I also found some new customers and all I did was give Satin Hands treatment to the cancer patient. I go in and I tell them that my grandfather passed away from cancer in 1994 and that this is my way of touching a life and making them feel better…… Some days I get 3 ladies other days none … you just have to go with the flow.

Remember the worst they can say in NO,,,, but you know no just means not now, and if you go to a place of business you don’t need to get there [sic] number immediately because you know you can always come back to that business and find them. [Emphasis added.]

Talk about the sick preying on the really sick…

Mary Kay Predator Warm Chats Cancer Patients by MaryKayVictims

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