Overcoming Objections: Why You & Your Family Never Stood Stand A Chance Against Mary Kay’s Manipulative Tactics

When ‘No’ doesn’t really mean ‘No.’

Wolf - Field & StreamIf you, your loved one or someone else in your family became a target of the predatory tactics of someone recruiting her, the chances are, she never really stood a chance.

Like wolves sensing weakness, Mary Kay Cosmetics’ sales force is trained on how to manipulate just about any objection their prey may have in order to recruit women into their pack.

They call it ‘Overcoming Objections‘ and the scripts Mary Kay’s sales force use, though slightly different in some cases, are well rehearsed and crafted to wear even the most resolute of victims down until the Mary Kay wolves can pounce–leaving your family exposed.

As one Mary Kay director’s Tipsheet for Overcoming Objections states:

An objection is simply a request for more information….A “no” means maybe and a maybe means yes. [Bold in the original.]

Here are just a few more:

  • This is Mary Kay National Sales Director Lisa Allison telling her audience that “an objection is not a ‘no’” and “the number one way to overcome an objection is to overcome an objection is to overcome it before it is ever voiced.


Overcoming Objections NSD Lisa Allison

  • This ‘Overcoming Objections’ script is attributed to top Mary Kay National Sales Director Gloria Mayfield Banks.

Overcoming Objections – Gloria Mayfield Banks

This Overcoming Objections script specifically urges circumventing the husband or family in the decision-making process:

Question: What do you think your husband will say? Great…why don’t we go ahead and fill out your agreement and if for some reason he has any questions, I will be more than happy to answer them, and then if he still says no, then we can tear up your agreement and you can remain a great hostess.

Overcoming Objections – Nicole Canamare

There are literally hundreds of links to the Overcoming Objections scripts for Mary Kay recruiters that anyone can find through a simple google search. Only a few have been uploaded here.

If you realize just how Mary Kay recruiters manipulate their targets, you can better understand why you, your loved one, or your family fell victim to the wolves that preyed upon you.

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