Must See: Watch An Ex-Mary Kay Director Name Names & Expose The Reality Of Mary Kay

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As a Multi-Level-Marketing company, Mary Kay Cosmetics lures tens of thousands of (mostly) women into its pink pyramid every year.

As the company’s turnover rate among consultants is akin to working in the fast-food industry, many of those who depart the company do so silently.

Others, however, exit the company with a bang.

One the company’s former bright, young starts, Chase Williams posted this 30-minute video on his YouTube channel.

In his own words, Mr. Williams states:

Grab yourself some popcorn. It’s about to go down. I have no shame in naming names and facts. This is a 30-minute video debunking the Mary Kay marketing plan. I’ll be posting topic-specific videos in the future.

There are things that I wanted to mention after I posted this video.

You are NOT your own boss. You are an independent contractor with a set conduct of rules that you MUST follow or you can be terminated. You will also run your friends and family dry because you’re always going to be begging them for product.

More videos will come in the future. I hope I can save families from this MLM nightmare.

Be sure to watch the entire video, then share it. Perhaps you’ll save an individual, or a family, a lot of money and a lot of grief

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