Here’s a must-see video with 25 cult tactics that Mary Kay Cosmetics would not want you to see


A video that explains some of the common tactics cults use can also be applied to May Kay’s unsavory tactics.

Those of us who have had family members, spouses and friends sucked into the often money-draining “Pink Fog” that is Mary Kay Cosmetics know that there is much more to the financial fleecing than merely taking a woman’s money.

So often, to those of us who have witnessed it or had to endure it while our loved ones discovered it for themselves, there is a seeming brainwashing that occurs with many of Mary Kay’s victims. To that end, for countless families, all that can happen is watching, waiting and hoping the wreckage is not too devastating before it ends.

Below is a dated and somewhat “hokey” video. However, the tactics used by cults to recruit members are very, very similar to those tactics used by Mary Kay Cosmetics.

While some of the tactics described here are directed at religious cults, for anyone who has spend anytime around (or inside of) Mary Kay, or had loved ones infected by the Pink Fog, the parallels are uncanny.

See if you recognize these 25 tactics within Mary Kay’s pyramid:

1. Structured like an onion

2. Use Deception

3. Leave out important information or distort information.

4. Promise to fulfill their dreams

5. Offer them something free…

6. Use time as a weapon to pressure them into a decision

7. Remove doubt by surrounding recruits with “true believers”

8. Prolonged Love Bombing

9. Get information and hone their weak spots

10. Control their behavior

11. Sleep deprivation

12. Control their thoughts

13. Control information

14. Separate the individual from herself

15. Claim authority (divinity)

16. Make up stories to boost importance

17. Induce trance stated by using repetitive acts (like dancing, singing)

18. Separation from unsupportive friends or family

19. Encourage conformity, discourage autonomy

20. Have “confessionals” (i-stories)

21. Make them feel part of an “elite” group with an important “mission”

22. Develop and “us vs. them” mentality

23. Make them feel guilty for critical thoughts

24. “Our leader/doctrine (aka the Mary Kay Way) is flawless…there must be something wrong with you.

25. Indoctrinate with fear


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