Hiding It From Her Husband: A Mary Kay Victim Exposes Not So Nice Tactics In Nevada

Woman GamblerFirst Name: Shannon

State: Nevada

Cost of Mary Kay to Family: Around $7,000

Experience With Mary Kay: I attended several meetings prior to joining.

After I joined, I was told that I had to order at least $600 worth of inventory. That was an extreme hardship for me and my husband was not happy!

Sadly, recently one of the managers at my workplace was all excited and told me that she joined Mary Kay! She didn’t understand why I was not elated for her.

She did not know, at that moment, that I’d cancelled my contract several months prior.

I asked her how much inventory, if any, she purchased. She said that after some prompting, she purchased $900 worth of product, and had to hide it from her husband. Yikes!

Also, she told me that her enroller advised her to do a raffle for a gift basket at her next event … but then to not give it to any of the women who entered their name for the drawing, but just to call them to try to schedule a skin care party. I have to admit that I was shocked!


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