A Putrid Display of Pink Power: Mary Kay Goes After eBay To Turn Over Identities


There is no other way to put this:

This is diabolical. Sick. And so typical of a cult wrapped in pink.

After using predatory tactics to lure women into its clutches, saddle them with debt through front-loaded inventory, Mary Kay is going after popular sales site ebay in attempt to learn the identities of those selling off their Mary Kay inventories.

Mary Kay is going after eBay sellers

Mary Kay is taking steps to find out the real names of unauthorized sellers of cosmetics and skin care products on eBay.

Addison-based May Kay Inc. is asking a Texas District Court for the authority to depose representatives of eBay Inc. with the purpose of finding out the identities of sellers that claim to sell genuine Mary Kay products.

In the court filing, the company said it doesn’t authorize the sale of any of its products on eBay or the use of its trademarks on eBay.

If, perhaps, Mary Kay’s predators didn’t convince so many women to buy so much inventory, there wouldn’t be such a glut on the market and the company wouldn’t need to resort to such disgusting tactics.

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