Mary Kay’s Guide To Targeting & Manipulating Women

Originally posted on the website Pink Truth, this ‘guide’ was sent out by Mary Kay Cosmetics in late 2012 to its sales force (primarily Directors) as an insert to the company’s Applause Magazine.

The guide teaches women how to identify (“profile”), target and manipulate specific personality types in order to join Mary Kay Cosmetics.

The following is an excerpt from Pink Truth’s post, but you can also read the tactics in the guide below:

Here is just some of The Cult’s guide on how to target and manipulate women [Note: the bold emphasis is in the original document]:

If the Opportunity Fits

Introducing the Be Your Own Success Story. This fresh, exciting campaign and new marketing tools can help you navigate conversations so potential new team members see how the Mary Kay opportunity fits them. [Bold in the original.]

A little further down, The Cult highlights:

The new content is relatable and reflects who they are….

Payoff Potential

Once you know what appeals to her, you can pinpoint how a Mary Kay business will fit her perfectly.

This technique is often called ‘profiling.’

The Cult’s guide on identifying and luring women based on their personalities then gives specific examples.

Make note of how the Cult’s guide uses a sequence of identifying the person’s “feelings,” what motivates her, then manipulating [“navigating”] the conversation to appeal to that personality type.

MEET [the mobile entrepreneur]

Feels: “My business should be an extension of my life – not define the terms of how I live.”

Success means: “Flexibility, balance and mobile tools that fit in my 24/7 plugged-in lifestyle with the freedom to unplug.”

Consider mentioning: “You’ll love conducting your business on your terms. Mary Kay offers mobile and social tools to help you expand your business. Start your business on Facebook and send people to your Mary Kay Personal Web Site.”

And the Mary Kay opportunity offers me what I need to succeed.

Each personality type is given this type of treatment, followed by the mantra: And the Mary Kay opportunity offers me what I need to succeed.

Of course, in a poor economy, Mary Kay isn’t above preying on other people’s misfortunes by recruiting a spouse whose husband might be laid off…

MEET [the everyday hero]

Feels: “Now it’s up to me to provide for my family and to make ends meet while still being there for them.”

Success means: “Extra income and goals that will help me give my family a better life, along with flexibility and support.”

Consider mentioning: “You’ll love the potential earnings you can receive from your own Mary Kay business, while living a lifestyle loyal to your own priorities.”

And the Mary Kay opportunity offers me what I need to succeed.

Read the rest.

How Mary Kay Targets & Manipulates Women by MaryKayVictims

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