Mary Kay Predators Target Moms At Day Care Centers

You’re tired. It’s been a long day. You miss your child and can’t wait to pick her up. As you arrive at the day care center, you get an unexpected greeting…

Can you imagine you or your spouse arriving at your day care center–the place where you entrust those to care, to feed and to keep your child safe–only to be accosted by a woman giving you a bag of “goodies” and wanting to “enroll you into a contest” so she can get your private information?MK Targets Moms At Day Care Centers

That’s one of the more insidious predatory tactics Mary Kay consultants, Directors and higher ups do–target working moms at the very places they leave their children–the day care center.

What’s worse is that, all-too-often, the Mary Kay predator has used (or unwittingly duped) the day care center’s director into helping the predator make you (or your spouse) a target.

Make no mistake about it:

The only real purpose Mary Kay predators show up at children’s day care centers is not to pamper moms, but to target them.

While she is looking for customers, the real reason is to find recruits and, to the Mary Kay predator, the day care center is a target-rich environment.

Working mothers are generally tired at the end of the day, many would rather find ways to be at home with their children (instead of working outside the home), and with the “promise” of extra income, working moms fit the perfect profile for Mary Kay.

Below are several (of many) of the Day Care Scripts that Mary Kay’s sales force uses to get their foot in the door to day care centers and into your family’s life.

This is the script that National Sales Director Margaret Bartsch posts on her website.

Hi, is the director available? My name is ________________ and I’m an executive with Mary Kay in the local area. I’m calling today because I’d like to ask permission to bring free goodie bags for the staff in appreciation of all the hard work they do for our children and I am honoring working moms. The goodie bags are filled with pampering products for the moms and staff to try and sample products to take home with them.

All we’ll need to do to get you set up is to pick a date that works well for you. I will stay to help pass them out. All I will need to know is a head count of all of the moms and staff you would like to open this up to, and I will bring enough goodie bags for everyone to enjoy. I will also bring a sign up sheet for a $100 gift basket that we will be giving away at the end of the month as a grand prize. I can also bring full size products for them to try on their breaks if you would like.

So what date in the next two week should I bring the goodie bags by? [Emphasis added.]

  • Note that the NSD’s script does several things: First, she talks about “our” children, regardless whether she has any children of her own in day care. Second, she moves from “staff” to “working moms” in the same sentence. Then, in the second paragraph, she talks about “pampering” and, instead of just dropping them off, offers to stay and “help pass them out.” Lastly, she quickly moves to the “grand prize”–a $100 gift basket (of Mary Kay makeup)–to collect names and phone numbers.

Mary Kay Day Care Script – NSD Margaret Barstch

This day care script is one that is used (and posted) by Mary Kay National Sales Director Lisa Allison:

Day Care Script – NSD LisaAllison

Here is another Mary Kay script to target moms at day care centers. However, this day care script goes even further.

In this script, the child also becomes a target:

About how many families are at your Day Care Center? What is your busiest day? I have a few openings for this week or I could do next week – what’s better for you? I find that pick up time works better for most places. (Would you prefer I come at drop off or pick up time?) What time does that start? How many children are there that day? I want to be sure that each child gets a flower to give to his mom. [Emphasis added.]

Day Care Script – KimMcLure

This day care script is more specific on using the day care center’s staff to do the work for the Mary Kay recruiter:

When you go to the daycare you can either drop off the samples/goodie bags and drawing bowl or with permission you can stay there and personally hand out your samples and entry forms. If you leave the drawing set up there, you may want to incent the director and/or staff to remind the moms to enter on their way in or out. For example: they can write their name on the back of each entry for $1 in free product for each entry or when they get a certain number of entries (based on their total number) then you will bring the employees back something special. That could be cookies or extra samples-just something nice to say thank you for your support. [Emphasis added.]

Day Care Script – Tawnee Hammet

If you (or your spouse) are working and have a child in day care, you may wish to forewarn your day care center’s director to beware of the tactics Mary Kay predators use to target moms (and their children).


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