Mary Kay Leaves Director in Georgia With $30,000 Credit Card Debt

Credit Card DebtFirst name: Sandra

State: Georgia

Cost of Mary Kay to Family: $30,000

Experience With Mary Kay: I was recruited by The Director From Hell. Even moving a thousand miles away from her did not get her out of my life.


She found me and when she did tried constantly to recruit me into some of the several other MLMs she was working. She took great advantage of the fact that I had no confidence and no recognition for any of the work I was doing—-home schooling, church work, writing fiction etc.

Nothing would do but that I become a director and of course a director “had” to have a huge inventory! She would call me day or night, weekends, and would even come peek in my windows if I did not answer her phone calls. She constantly “dropped by” my house to see what I was doing. Of course she was hoping that I was unpacking another big box of inventory.


The last year I was in MK was 1994 and I was sub teaching every day in order to pay down my credit cards. I was thirty thousand dollars in debt on three different cards.

By the time I moved away my inventory items were too old to send back for a refund so I donated the stuff to the women’s shelter. I just wanted it out of the house where I did not have to see it any more.

I was told this was “my” business, but believe me this director made it HER business to know what I was doing every hour of every day.

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