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I am struggling through the MK process with my wife.  She started on this 2 years ago and started with my approval.  She did well initially and it was a decent boost to our income for the first few months.  When she started we set out very strict guidelines for how we wanted to do this, examples were this would never be full time, she would never let MK come between us, and she would not have a large store of inventory on hand.  That has all changed, she recently in the last few months has told me she wants to do MK full time.  This is concerning for multiple reasons: 1) my wife is incredibly intelligent, she has a masters degree in business, and when we started dating and marriage she desired to work in higher education (and she had internships in college in this area and excelled at it)  she has completely given up on this dream, and I believe that she has a higher purpose in the world than selling makeup 2) the MK business plan is not sustainable as you all know, and 3) her “business” has taken numerous hours away from us spending time together.

I have been thinking and searching for exactly how to express my concerns and frustrations to my wife.  This week it all came to a point, I could not contain my feelings.  She had ignored me for multiple hours one night, instead of being present with me, she focused on her phone to sell product.  This has been a constant issue for me for months.  So I told her how I felt, I showed her all the research I had and pointed her in the direction of those resources, which were this website and  My wife reluctantly agreed to read through these when she got off of her next shift.  She read through probably 2 or 3 posts on the websites and stopped. She called her upline and disucssed the issues that we are having.  First off this was a huge betrayal of my trust, she went outside of our marriage to discuss our issues without discussing with me first. Second, her upline told her that you can’t believe everything you see on the internet, that people on these websites were lying, and paid to write the negative posts about MK.  I could not believe that my wife had broken my trust, and that she would trust someone over me.  I am terribly hurt and I expressed this to my wife.  She seemed not to care, that I was the one in the wrong.

I need this forums help, I need individuals to validate these posts on the website, to show my wife that this indeed is the truth.  I need help with more resources to prove to my wife the dishonesty of MK, and resources to show her that the “business” is fundamentally flawed.

Please if you can help me!