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I find this website absolutely Untrue!. Ladies what is wrong with warm chatter.  We as women do it everyday.  I like the warm chatter,. Just as a friendly gesture,. All Mary Kay aside.  I Love the women that looks like they got it all together and always happy and are not afraid to start a conversation  with you.  Instead of dirty looks and someone trying to mow you down with a cart because you Are in there way.  I mean Irving like a cult!. A Mary Kay Consultant is.always.excited to get someone to try the product.  Because it sells itself.  It is a great product!. And 95% of women will buy and try product after product out of the stores,. With trial and error!. But you got a Mary Kay Consultant ready to come to your door and do a one on one to care for your skin.  OR making a party out of it so you can get FREE product for FREE!. I mean it is a no brainer!. I wished someone would had approached me way before my late 20’s. I was almost 30 before I had even heard of it!!!. So to peeps trying to make This business look bad,. Get over it and get a Life!!!!. And for those ruining there marriage and going into debt,. Nobody tells you that you have to lie to your husbands or that you absolutely have to charge that credit card! I mean sure they tell you every 3 months at themain.  Have to have a $225.00 order in to stay active,. So I don’t know about ya’ll,  but I can spend that all by myself every 3months!!!!!.   The only reason you would want to spend more is to stock your inventory  so that you would have on hand for your customers.  As any store does!. But that is totally up to you know one tells you that you have to.  So i say to tgis Website!!  This Website is HOGWASH!

And if anybody reading this would like to know more about our God Loving!. Great Product!. U.S.A Made! Family Owned. No Stocks!. So they can’t be Controlled !!


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